Take advantage of Real Time Day (April 9) to Make Your Agency More Efficient

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www.getrealtime.org/RealTimeDayThe whole industry is coming together on April 9 for a series of live broadcasts and webinars to convey how agencies can take advantage of the latest developments with Real Time to make their businesses more efficient and profitable, as well as to free up time for more marketing, sales and pro-active client service.  Whether you are new to Real Time, or want to take advantage of the latest developments with the automated workflow, please carve out some time in your agency during Real Time Day to tune into the broadcasts or webinars of interest to you.

Real Time is the ability to work in a consistent manner with multiple carriers through your agency management system or comparative rater to get a quote or make a billing, claims or policy inquiry, without having to enter data multiple times in carrier websites or manually logon to each carrier website to get information. 

We encourage you to check out the schedule for live broadcasts and webinars that will take place on Real Time Day by visiting the Real Time Day website and review the Real Time Day schedule. Carriers will host sessions to discuss what’s new in the real-time functionality they have available for their agencies. The vendors and user groups will host sessions to help you use Real Time more effectively and to answer your questions. There is also significant progress being made to bring Real Time to the E&S industry and the industry’s E&S Joint Working Group will bring attendees up-to-date on these developments during a session at 11:00 AM eastern time.

Please note that the Real Time Day schedule is still being built out, so please make sure and check back to the schedule page periodically.

Strategic Sales Training

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Word on the street is that “Strategic Sales Training” has an “Awesome instructor” – Read more reviews.

Robert “Bob” Harris began his insurance career over four decades ago in south Florida. He relocated to Kansas in 1986, and over the years he has gained valuable experience with national companies including Allstate, Hartford and CNA where he was responsible for the hiring, training, managing and development of a number of sales people.

In November, he will host “Strategic Sales Training” at the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents’ (KAIA) Larry Magill Education Center. “Young or new producers, CSRs, and even experienced agents will benefit from this course,” says Harris. “This isn’t your typical sales class. Rather than insurance knowledge, this class will focus entirely upon sales skills from prospecting to closing the deal. We have a good mix of ‘seasoned’ and modern ways of reaching customers.” Learn more.


Cyber Attacks: Protecting Your Small Business from Data Theft

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data theft.jpgRecently cyber-attacks were back in the news, and the latest attempted victim was the White House. According to an October 1st report from the Washington Post the White House acknowledged that hackers attempted to remove data from a White House computer. While the attempt wasn’t successful thanks to mitigation efforts, the attack should serve as a reminder to all small businesses that they face risks of similar attacks from data thieves, and they may not have the same level of mitigation systems in place.
In addition to a hacker getting into your system, data theft can occur if an employee’s computer is stolen, or if an unauthorized person is able to access a computer in your office. It could even be a disgruntled employee who carries out data theft. Any business that collects and stores sensitive information from customers, including credit card information, contact information, credit information, social security numbers, medical information, etc. is at risk for data theft.
Here are a few tips to reduce your risks for cyber-attacks and data theft of sensitive customer information:
  • Change the passwords you and your employees use to log into your technology systems on a regular basis
  • Avoid emailing sensitive information, but if you do, use a secured email service
  • Have employees lock their computer screens when they step away from their desks
  • Avoid having unescorted/unsupervised visitors walking through your office
  • Don’t open strange email attachments or click unusual links in emails, especially from an unknown sender as they may be scams
  • Have a written technology policy in place so that all of your employees understand the expectations and rules guiding how your business handles sensitive data
Loss of electronic data is not covered under most commercial theft policies because it is not a tangible asset, and most general liability policies also exclude coverage for your costs to notify customers of potential data theft, pay for the costs of investigating the loss or the costs of potential fines, penalties or lawsuits that result from a failure to protect the data. A cyber liability policy can provide your business with coverage that will help you cover several costs, including the expenses to inform your customers and regulatory authorities about the possible exposure of data.
To protect your small business from these exposures, consider a cyber-liability policy.
Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent can help you identify the risks your business faces from data theft, and can help you identify a policy to cover those exposures.

Video Bills, Youtube, & Prospecting

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Apparently video is in.

According to the “2012 Social Media Revolution” video, YouTube is the second most highly used web browser. In light of this fact, it’s no surprise that Paradiso Insurance has been using video to enhance its business for some time. News, greeting cards, and more can be found on their YouTube channel and other social sites. What is most clever is how they leverage their prospects on Facebook by sending “birthday card” videos that just happen to introduce their staff at the same time.

At first you think, “I don’t have time for that!” The truth is, with a service like Animoto that does all of the video editing for you and provides licensed music, it takes less time than going to the drugstore to buy a card – and actually saves you dollars.

If you need the extra push, you would be interested to know that my paperless AT&T bill this month came in the form of a video. It was completely personalized – used my name, explained my charges – and then had buttons that linked me directly to “make a payment.” I was stunned. The fact that AT&T took a little extra time to make the billing process less painful meant a little something. In fact, they probably just hooked me into staying beyond my contract.

Consider video in your customer service plan. What does it look like?

Management Conference – with dedicated Young Agent Track

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Calling all Kansas Agents – you still have a few days to make a really great decision for the future of your agency. Send an agency manager along with a young agent to Management Conference, and you  will not be disappointed.

In the past, Management Conference has been reserved for managers and principals. This year, under the theme, “leaders inspiring leaders,” a special track has been dedicated to Young Agents – the future of our agencies.

Opening night, the Young Agents are invited to network with colleagues at Nikko Japanese Steakhouse, conveniently located within the conference hotel.

Thursday, the full conference will gather to hear from KSU Olympic Jump Coach Cliff Rovelto provide his secrets to success. Late morning the Young Agents will attend separate sessions designed to meet their needs. AScK Director of Agency Operations, Bob Harris, will host “Strategic Sales Training,” a small piece of his 3-day seminar to be offered in November. Following Bob will be Sam Bennett, CIC, AFIS, with “Living in the Dash – Why Not Run to Things.”

In the evening, KU Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self will host the annual banquet.

With a game-winning cast of speakers, you can’t lose. Visit http://www.kaia.com and click “Management Conference” for details, or call (800) 229-7048.


You Need an Independent Insurance Agent

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Thousands of Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents offer a broad selection of insurance and Imagefinancial services. These agents are committed to treating you as a person not a policy. Because a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent has access to multiple insurance companies, they are able to offer you competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and valuable advocacy. Trusted Choice® agents don’t just say they will do these things. They put it in writing. Read our Pledge of Performance.


Trusted Choice® Chopper for Charity

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ImageAre you familiar with Orange County Choppers?

Tune in September 17, at 9p ET/PT to see the guys build the Trusted Choice® Chopper for Charity.

The Chopper will be on tour throughout the year, featured at state AIA trade shows.

All proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish America.



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